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Limarí Valley

“After discovering the potential of the Limarí Valley and conducting research for years, Marcelo Papa continues to work day after day to demonstrate that this is the perfect place for the production of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.”

  • SOILS: Alluvial y colluvial. Red clay on the surface and calcium carbonate in the subsoil. Excellent drainage.
  • CLIMATE: Coastal. Cool coastal breezes blow directly into the valley and moderate the temperatures, and this, along with the typical cloudy mornings and the indirect light on the grapes during much of the day, enables the grapes to ripen slowly and ultimately results in fresher wines.

Exceptional Wines

Faithful expression of the variety and origin.
Botella de Vino
Limarí Valley

Pinot Noir

Exuberant, subtle, and delicate.
Botella de Vino
Limarí Valley


Elegant, vibrant, and complex wine.

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