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Maule Valley

“Large amounts of clay and granite in its soils, primarily toward the coast, where the Coastal Mountains are relatively low, enable the cool ocean breezes to enter this valley that produces the largest number of varieties in Chile.”

  • CLIMATE: Mediterranean, with a prolonged dry season. Characterized by continuous cool breezes from the Maule River and by broad daily temperature oscillations produced by the Andes Mountains in the summer.


  • SOILS: This zone of the Maule Valley has two rather pronounced soil types—one is granitic clay-loam on the hillsides, limited in depth and a bit irregular, which aids in the final quality of the wines from Lourdes. The other type is deep, primarily loam with a bit of silt, and much more fertile, which also helps with the other varieties destined for the varietal lines.
San Clemente Vineyard 02

Exceptional Wines

Faithful expression of the variety and origin.
Botella de Vino
Maule Valley


Fresh and captivating on the palate.
Botella de Vino
Maule Valley


Fruity, vibrant, and dense.

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