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D.O. Puente Alto

"The influence of the Andes Mountains and the composition of its soils makes this D.O. a place with tremendous potential for producing high-quality wines.”

  • SOILS: Associated with fluvial terraces. Alluvial, stony, poor in nutrients, and highly permeable.


  • CLIMATE: Semi-arid Mediterranean and strongly influenced by the Andes Mountains. This is the coldest part of the Maipo Valley. Its pronounced daily temperature oscillation of approximately 18ºC prolongs the ripening period of the grapes, concentrating and intensifying their aromas.

Exceptional Wines

Faithful expression of the variety and origin.
Botella de Vino
Bío-Bío Valley


Good vitality and great structure.
Botella de Vino
Limarí Valley

Pinot Noir

Exuberant, subtle and delicate.

Our Valleys

Cachapoal Valley

The Cachapoal Valley is 100 km south of Santiago.

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Itata Valley

The Itata Valley is approximately 400 km south of Santiago and 50 km east of Concepción. 

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