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Meet the people behind “The Perfect Dish” in Santiago

Marques de Casa ConchaMarques de Casa Concha

Marques de Casa Concha

Moma Adrianzen is known as the globetrotting chef. He arrived in Chile three years ago from the Jerónimo Restaurant in Lima, Perú, where he is the cook and owner. His culinary experience includes 16 years of travel to destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Europe, and opening five restaurants in the role of operator or head chef.


During his training, he discovered that street food delivers tremendous knowledge, because that is where the flavor is.


His dish, Curried Rice with Shellfish, consists of fried rice with calamari, grilled shrimp, and fish fillets seasoned with a touch of curry and cream for a risotto-like flare. It is paired with the Marques de Casa Concha Rosé.


Daniela Heider is from La Serena and trained as a cook at Culinary, in Viña del Mar, but she began her career in Santiago, at Peumayen in 2013. She spent two years at the Bandol Sur Mer Restaurant in Berlin, and in 2019, she began at Morera Casa Bar, with its Latin flavors and casual style.



Her dish, Pause, Please, consists of slow-cooked sous vide tri tip with grilled asparagus with cranberry granola, waffles with crispy bacon, and a cheese croquette along with spinach-pistachio pesto and is paired with the Marques de Casa Concha Carmenere.


Sonia Vigo was born in Trujillo, in northern Peru. Her motivation to become a chef comes from her mother, whom Sonia remembers cooking with a lot of love and dedication. She used very simple ingredients, but her mother’s hand made everything delicious.


Sonia has a motto for every dish she makes with so much love: “The most important thing is to make those who try my dishes happy.”


Her dish consists of tender and juicy Grilled Lamb Chops with a delicate blackberry-chipotle chili sauce that heightens the flavors and served with pumpkin puree.



Diego Rojas is an Argentine cook with more than 18 years of experience in the culinary world. He studied at the renowned Argentine Institute of Gastronomy in Buenos Aires, where he quickly fell in love with this noble profession. Three years ago, Diego brought his knowledge to Rubaiyat Chile, which has been a faithful witness to the creation of his most exclusive dishes


The focal point of his dish is the 430-gram Ribeye Steak, a classic cut from the Cabaña Las Lilas Hacienda in Argentina. It is accompanied by creamy and aromatic mashed potatoes with a truffle purée—the perfect pairing for the glass of Marques de Casa Concha Carmenere that’s included with the dish.


Chef Andrés García is the heart and soul behind Starnberg. He is a member of the second generation in charge of this well-known restaurant that attracts and charms more people every day. This restaurant known for its flavorful German cuisine has been recognized by the specialized press thanks to its flavors and the heartiness of its different dishes.


His dish consists of juicy, flavorful Home-Smoked Center-Cut Pork Chops accompanied by red cabbage and sauerkraut. The objective of these side dishes is to play with the textures and lend an attractive combination of colors to the dish.

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