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The ABCs of wine to learn in 2024


If in your New Year’s resolutions you decided to learn about wines, we will help you. These are the terms you must use to understand more about this amazing world.


All wines have acidity and it is detected on the tongue, when it makes our mouth-watering. It is a natural component, key to the ability of wines to age and which is identified with the fresh and sharp character of the wine. The higher the acidity, the greater the aging capacity. It is also a key element in the balance of this drink.


We say that a wine is harmonious when all its elements are perfectly aligned and it feels easy to drink, pleasant and at the same time surprising. It is much more than talking about a balanced wine.


Complexity is an attribute of great wines. It is generally associated with the aromatic complexity that generally develops in wines over time, and which is perceived as different layers of aromas and flavours that are revealed on their finish. It is a kind of combination between depth, finesse, harmony, balance and focus. How to check it? Marques de Casa Concha Malbec is a complex wine, with multiple layers of aromas and a persistent finish.

Denomination of Origin (D.O)

The Chilean wine classification system defines regions, subregions and areas with D.O to identify the origin of the grapes from which the wine is made. Under Chilean regulations, those wines that mention a D.O on their label, like all Marques de Casa Concha wines, 85% of the grapes must come from the designated area.


Marques de Casa Concha Carmenère is a wine with a creamy and persistent finish, but what does it mean? The finish of the wine refers to the flavours that remain in the mouth after tasting the wine. How long these flavours persist and what they are, will determine the quality of a wine. The longer, richer and more complex the finish, the better its quality.


Tannins are a phenolic compound that exists in most plants. In the case of grapes, they are mainly found in their skin and seeds, from which they are extracted during the fermentation process. Tannins are an important structural component in red wines, which when in contact with saliva make the mouth feel dry, somewhat astringent and with a bitter finish. However, over time they fade and feel more pleasant on the palate. A wine with elegant tannins that accompany a great fruit expression in the palate is Marques de Casa Concha Merlot.


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