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Marques de Casa Concha Seeks the Perfect Dish with Chile’s Emerging Chefs

Marques de Casa ConchaMarques de Casa Concha

Marques de Casa Concha

As part of the Noble Roots campaign, the Marques de Casa Concha line seeks to find the best dish based on its origin, exploring signature dishes with outstanding cooks from national restaurants.


In Accordance with its “Noble Roots” mantra, Marques de Casa Concha began a campaign to find the best dish made with local ingredients that best expresses its origin and that pairs with one or more of the wines in its portfolio.


In its constant search for excellence, Marques de Casa Concha has established that one of its fundamental pillars is the creation of wines that surprise, captivate, and faithfully express their variety as well as the unique characteristics of their place of origin. Therefore, it has begun this campaign to explore Chile’s diverse signature cuisines that use unique ingredients from different parts of the country.


To do this, the brand has joined with emerging chefs from restaurants such as La Dicha, Rubaiyat, Jerónimo, Morera Casa Bar, and Starnberg in Santiago, as well as Cotelé, Espantapájaros, and Ruta del Asador in southern Chile. Each restaurant will present its proposition, in which the chefs may only use products of origin, inviting exploration and deep knowledge of Chile’s culinary roots, with an emphasis on ingredients such as fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables and cheese.


In this campaign, which ends in late February, the restaurant’s patrons may order the signature dishes from the menu and rate them at


Everyone who participates by rating a dish will be entered to win one of 5 prizes. Winners in the Metropolitan region will receive passes for 2 people to attend a culinary event with a professional chef who will teach them how to prepare the best dishes paired with Marques de Casa Concha. Winners in regions will receive a wine cooler with a selection of wines from the line.


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