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Cheeses that pair best with Merlot

Francisca JaraFrancisca Jara

Francisca Jara

Merlot is a Bordeaux grape variety that has been planted and spread all over the world. Among its virtues, its chameleon-like versatility and silky tannins stand out, making it the ideal wine for pairing with cheeses.


Thanks to its versatility, Merlot is a red grape variety that produces light and extremely fruity wines for immediate consumption, as well as concentrated and sophisticated wines that can gain complexity with aging. But its single-varietal wines are not the only ones that stand out. In fact, this grape variety is widely used in Bordeaux red blends to help soften the tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon.

With fewer tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is characterized by being very friendly for pairings, also thanks to its smooth texture and moderate acidity. Now that International Merlot Day is approaching (this coming November 7), we invite you to discover the magic that occurs when pairing this exquisite variety with 5 different cheeses.


With a white rind and a silky texture, this cheese can have a mild to strong flavor. Made with cow’s milk plus the addition of cream, it is intensely creamy, slightly sweet, subtly acidic, and sometimes also somewhat earthy on the palate. Because of these characteristics, it works very well with those more robust-bodied Merlots like Marques de Casa Concha Merlot. Rich, balanced, and with a great fruity expression on the palate reminiscent of forest fruits and red plums, the acidity of this wine intertwines wonderfully with the cheese, resulting in a pleasant buttery flavor. Its salty flavor, in addition, highlights the fruity character of this wine.


Quesos que mejor maridan con Merlot Marques de Casa Concha

Mature Cheddar 

Among the Cheddar cheeses, the best pairing with Merlot is mature Cheddar. Aged for 6 to 9 months, this cheese develops a more pronounced and intense flavor. It is salty, slightly sweet, and has a brittle texture. The silky tannins of Merlot mitigate the sharpness of the cheese, bringing out the subtle nutty notes of the Cheddar, creating an addictive blend that also enhances the fruitiness of the wine.


This delicious cheese is known for its creamy flavor and smooth, flexible texture. When matured, its flavors intensify, especially when paired with a medium to full-bodied red wine like Marques de Casa Concha Merlot. Matching the intensity of the cheese with a wine of similar robustness is key. The cheese’s fat content helps counterbalance the wine’s tannins, and its mature character adds a hint of spiciness to the wine’s black fruits, offering an engaging pairing.


While blue cheeses typically contrast exquisitely with sweet wines, it may surprise you to learn that certain Merlots can pair well with Gorgonzola. Despite its sweetness, Gorgonzola stands out for its prominent aroma and flavor derived from Penicillium mold. This complex flavor, along with its intense creaminess, can counterbalance the fruitiness of Merlot, resulting in an appealing pairing.




As this cheese has been aged for at least a year, it stands out for its characteristic umami flavor, intense aroma, and crystalline texture. These qualities make it pair very well with the tannins of a Merlot such as Marques de Casa Concha Merlot, while also complementing its aromas.

Now that you know the cheeses that pair best with Merlot, we invite you to create a cheese board at home, uncork a bottle of Marques de Casa Concha Merlot, and don’t miss the opportunity to try these exquisite combinations.




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