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All about Malbec

Francisca JaraFrancisca Jara

Francisca Jara

Dark and intense red wines, with aromas of black berries, cherries, plums and strawberries, also spices and floral notes when produced in warm climates, characterize this French wine grape variety that is also grown in Chile.

Originally from France, this red grape variety comes from the east of Bordeaux, in Cahors. Whose wines were historically described as “black” wines, always very tannic and long-lived. Nowadays, however, Malbec of different styles are produced in this area, where at their best, the wines are aged in oak, deep in colour, high in tannin, with intense aromas and flavours of black berry fruits. Which, over time, mature revealing earthy and cedar notes.

But Malbec has also found other places in the world. Argentina is undoubtedly one of them, where this grape adapted extremely well in Mendoza, becoming the most important wine variety (which for a long time was called “the French grape”) in the country. Although expressing differently from its place of origin due to the warm climate and alluvial soils: the wines are robust, more alcoholic, with a fruity, with floral aromas and even spices such as clove or vanilla. Over time, they can develop meaty or dried red fruit aromas. Although there is also a new style that seeks to give greater importance to the place and the vintage, creating less overripe and alcoholic wines.

Chile is another place where Malbec managed to adapt. In fact, it would have arrived in Santiago de Chile before Argentina, in the mid-1840s. Vines over 140 years old located in the Bío Bío Region would confirm this fact, but it was not until 1993 that this grape variety was produced and bottled in Chile for the first time.

Chilean Malbecs generally come from the Maule Valley and its surroundings. A terroir that is characterized by its granite soils, giving the wines an interesting minerality and freshness. In the Pencahue area is the Lourdes vineyard, in the middle of the Maule valley, and Marques de Casa Concha Malbec comes from there. A deep red wine, with violet notes, fresh, complex and intense. It has notes of black cherry, blackberry, violets and sweet spices. Soft tannins, a lot of character and a unique personality defined by the Chilean terroir for this grape. Without a doubt, an excellent example to drink on Malbec Day, which is celebrated this coming April 17.

We recommend pairing it with pastas that have grilled vegetables, mature cheeses and, of course, grilled red meats. Did someone say bbq? Cheers to Malbec!



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