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5 curiosities about Syrah

Francisca JaraFrancisca Jara

Francisca Jara

This red grape variety, which is characterized by producing wines with flavours of black fruits, herbal notes and black pepper aromas, is also one of the oldest in the world.

Because this coming February 16th marks International Syrah Day, we invite you to uncork a bottle of Marques de Casa Concha Syrah, and with it discover some curiosities about this seductive wine grape. Which, moreover, is responsible for producing high quality wines.

1. Has small and thick-skinned berries

The natural characteristics of the grape are fundamental to the character of the wines, such as, for example, the shape of its cluster. In the case of Syrah, it is medium-sized, compact-cylindrical and elongated. Its berries, meanwhile, are small and have thick, bluish-black skin. For this reason, it is one of the darkest red wines out there, almost to the point of being purple. The tannins in its skin also allow Syrah to age well in a bottle for decades.

2. Its origin is French

Thanks to DNA tests carried out in 1998, it was determined that its origin in France corresponds to the Rhône Valley. Specifically, the northern area, a place with a moderate climate considered the birthplace of Syrah, and where wines are produced whose style is typically medium-bodied with flavours of fresh black fruits such as blackberry or blueberry, herbal notes and black pepper. While in the southern Rhône, with a warmer climate, Syrah offers wines with extra colour and tannin, similar to the style of Marques de Casa Concha Syrah, with complex flavours of cherries, blueberries and liquorice.

This DNA test also showed that Syrah is the result of crossing two Rhône varieties: Dureza (red) and Mondeuse Blanche (white).

3. Syrah and Shiraz are the same

Syrah and Shiraz are the two names used to call the same grape variety. While “Syrah” is the French name and most used in the Old World, “Shiraz” is what it is commonly called in Australia, a country that is characterized by offering a wine style guided by ripe fruit.

4. Also known as the “chameleon grape”

In addition to its great ability to blend well with other strains, it earned the nickname “chameleon grape.” One of the most famous blends are GSM, based on Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. Currently, given the increase in Syrah planting in the world, there is still a lot of experimentation with the styles of the grape. In Australia, in fact, it is also possible to find Syrah sparkling red wines.

5. Shiraz is a city in Iran

According to some experts, the Syrah grapes found in the northern region of the Rhône Valley would have arrived there from the city of Shiraz in Iran. Capital of Persia between 1750 and 1794, it is known as the city of poetry and wine.



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